African American female with short curly lightened textured hair
Lightening Textured Hair Looking for inspiration to create dimensional and HEALTHY textured hair? PRAVANA Educator Mentor Tim Bo Mack shares his expert technique with a BONUS natural styling method!


Lightening Formulas

Formula 1: 10g Pure Light Power Lightener + 30g 10 Volume Creme Developer

Formula 2: 30g ChromaSilk HI LIFTS Violet Blue + 45g 30 Volume Creme Developer

Toning Formula

30g ChromaSilk Express Tones After Dark Neutral Pearl – Brunette + 45g Zero Lift Creme Developer


Highlighting with Macro Stitches __ __ __ (think linguini) and Micro Stitches – – – – – – (think spaghetti)


Step 1

Section the hair into the PRAVANA standard 4 quadrants by taking a radial parting from behind the ear to behind the ear and another parting from nose to nape to create a working guide.

Step 2

Beginning in the nape area, take a ¼” parting and weave Macro Stitches applying Formula #1.

Step 3

Take another ¼” parting and weave Micro Stitches applying Formula #2.

Step 4

Alternate Step 2 and Step 3 throughout all four quadrants of the hair and process up to 45 minutes at room temperature.

Pro Tip

For an added pop of color around the face, when you reach the front hair line, finish this section with 2 Macro Stitches applying Formula 1.

Shampoo with TRUITY Cleanse, towel-dry well and apply the Toning Formula for 3-5 minutes at the basin, rinse well and apply TRUITY Condition.

Step 5

Detangle with Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment. Cocktail a few drops of PRAVANA’s Hydra Pearl Oil and a nickel size of PRAVANA’s Texture Balm to create a velvety consistency. Apply to the damp hair to control flyaways and act as a heat protectant. Style creating 2-strand twists and place the client under a warm hooded dryer. Once dry, undo the 2-strand twists gently and shake out the look with Hydra Pearl Mist styling with your fingers.

Pro Tip

Prescribe PRAVANA’s TRUITY Cleanse and Condition to quench thirsty hair, add incredible shine and leave hair feeling soft and silky.

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