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How To: Instagramable Hair

by Taylor Rae
Before and after How To Instagramable Hair https://youtu.be/tYqUCi0kbz4
Looking to build your following on your social channels, but don’t know how or where to begin? Watch Taylor Rae of our PRAVANA Collective share her Pro Tips and Tricks for creating scroll-stopping color and style, then learn how to capture eye-catching content!


Lightening Formula

30g Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 60g Chosen Creme Developer

VIVIDS Neon Rainbow Formulas

Formula 1 (Violet): 10g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Violet + 30g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Clear-Pastel

Formula 2 (Blue): 20g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons Neon Blue + 10g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Aquamarine

Formula 3 (Green): 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons Neon Green + 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Clear-Pastel

Formula 4 (Yellow): 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons Neon Yellow + 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Clear-Pastel

Formula 5 (Orange): 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons Neon Orange + 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Sunstone

Formula 6 (Pink): 15g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons Neon Pink + 10g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Magenta


Part I. Create a Scroll-Stopping Look

Step 1: Prep the Hair

Prep the hair by spraying Purify & Revive PRIME Demineralizing Spray generously throughout the hair, combing through for even distribution and allowing to sit for 3 minutes (no rinsing or shampoo required) to diminish any hard water minerals.

Purify and Revive Bottle

Pro Tip

Minerals are found in 85% of household water which can cause lightener to puff and swell or color to take inaccurately.

Step 2: Global Blonding

Using your favorite Global Blonding technique, pre-Lighten the hair to a Level 9/10 utilizing the Lightening Formula.

Step 2 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

To diminish previous ChromaSilk VIVIDS shades, apply Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 2 parts Zero Lift Developer for 5-15 minutes.

Shampoo the hair with PRAVANA Intense Therapy Cleanse. Rinse, towel-dry and apply Silk Degrees Prep and Treat for 5 minutes at the basin to equalize the porosity and provide anchoring sites for your color application. Rinse and dry the hair completely.

Step 3: Sectioning

Divide the hair into two sections by taking a parting from nose to nape. Create 1-2” sub-sections by taking diagonal forward partings from the center parting towards the face.

Step 3 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

Utilizing large diagonal sections will create bold dimension for your rainbow look.

Step 4: VIVIDS Application

Apply the ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neon Rainbow Formulas from roots to ends to each section taking 1/2” subsections to ensure optimal saturation in your desired pattern.

Step 4 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

Utilize the 3-inch Rule applying VIVIDS generously to both sides of the hair reloading your brush every 3 inches.

Process all 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with cold water and high water pressure until the water runs clear, condition with PRAVANA Color Protect Condition and style as desired.

Step 5: Styling

Take out a veil section on the top of the head and clip it out of your way. For the hair underneath, create a soft, natural beach wave utilizing a 1-1/4” Marcel curling iron, alternating curling to the right and curling to the left. For the veil section, direct all the curls back away from the face.

Step 5 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Part II. Set the Stage

Step 6: Lighting

For indoor photography and filming, choose a clean white background and utilize a ring light for optimal illumination. When shooting outside, choose “open shade” (outdoors in shade, but bright light) and look for a complimentary background like a light concrete wall which adds a little texture.

Step 6 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

Shoot through the center of the ring light for the best shots indoors and utilize the wind for boomerang shots when outdoors.

Part III. What to Capture

Step 7: Combing Out the Curls

Spray the hair lightly 2-3 times with PRAVANA Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment and use a wide-tooth comb. Ask your client to look to the left, then look to the right and then back to center while you comb.

Step 7 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

Place your hand under the curls and give them a little shake.

Step 8: Positioning the Model

For shots from the front, direct your client to turn their head to one side and fan out the hair to create the illusion of more hair. From the back, have them place their hands underneath their hair, then ask them to give the hair a shake and film in slo-motion.

Step 8 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

After they place their hands under their hair, section out the top layer to cover their nails.

Step 9: Switch up the Styling

Switching up the styling retains the interest of the viewer.

Step 9 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

Create a new style by simply taking a section from each side and looping them together.

Step 10: Change the Wardrobe

Changing wardrobe changes the look of the color. Different color tops and jackets pick up different shades of the rainbow giving your look new interest.

Step 10 How-To: Instagramable Hair

Pro Tip

Keep a few simple wardrobe pieces on-hand – black and white t-shirts and a moto jacket.


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